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Securing Your Home When You’re At Home

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Did you realise that 26% of home burglaries occur while the homeowner is in the house? With 203,438 of homes being subject to a burglary or attempted burglary (recorded by the ABS as “unlawful entry with intent”) in 2013, over 50,000 homes have been entered last year while the owner is at home. While it’s scary, there are steps you can take to prevent your house being targeted. Entry points The most common entry and exit points for robberies are unlocked doors and windows. If you are asleep, or working in one section of the house and not able to see the rest of the house, make sure to keep your doors and windows locked. By installing safety screens on your doors and windows, you’ll be able keep fresh air coming through the house whilst staying safe. (Burglaries peak in Australia in the warmer months, as more doors and windows are left open). Many thieves prefer to enter through the backyard, as there is the perception of less chance of being observed by passing walkers and traffic. As such it is also important to keep side gates and back gates firmly shut. Keeping your valuables out of sight Make sure not to leave valuables in clear view – including your house and car keys, jewellery and wallets. This means that the thief has to take more of a risk on finding valuables in your house and spend more time in looking through the house, so they are more likely to move onto the next property. The thief prefers these small, easy-to-carry and easy-to-hock items rather than large items such as TVs. Security systems The presence of an active security system is a deterrent to a potential thief, but unfortunately criminals are getting better at recognising fake security systems (such as security stickers and non operational cameras and lights). Thieves are actually more likely to target houses with fake security systems because they suspect these houses have a lower level of actual security. Many alarm systems also have perimeter alarms, which can be set to go off if any door or window is opened while people can move freely inside without setting off the alarm. This is ideal to prevent burglaries, which occur while the homeowner is sleeping. As you can see there are several easy steps you can take to minimise your risk of your home being robbed. For more information, contact a business such as Bonds Security...

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Reasons to Hire a Pest Control Service

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No one wants to deal with a pest infestation, but as a homeowner, it is highly likely that you will have this problem at one time or another. For instance, you may have ants on the property, and they will often work their way indoors. You can try using commercial products for controlling these infestations, but they aren’t always likely to work well. Reasons to contact a professional pest control service include: Cost You may be thinking that you can’t afford to hire a pest control service to get rid of an infestation. But, you really can’t afford not to hire one. Not only are you going to spend a lot of money on over-the-counter products that aren’t going to deliver results, you could end up with a lot of damage to your home if there is a termite infestation, which could cost thousands to repair. Safety When you choose to use pest control products yourself, you are taking a lot of chances. These are made from dangerous chemicals. Even though they are much lower in concentration than the products professionals use, they are still dangerous when you are not using them properly. You will also need to store unused products, and even storage can be dangerous if it is not done the right way. If any of these products end up leaking from their containers, it can pose serious health risks to you and your family. Longer-Lasting Pest Control Not only are the pesticides used by a pest control service stronger than the stuff you get in the stores, the results are going to last a lot longer. You can use an over-the-counter product, and end up with the bugs back within a few weeks. When you have professionals apply pesticides, the protection can last for as long as five years, depending on the pesticides that are used. Proper Treatment Programs When you buy over-the-counter pest control products, you are usually getting products that are aimed at killing a variety of insects. A pest control specialist (like those at Pestex Newcastle & Hunter Pest Services Pty Ltd) will be able to identify the exact pest problem, and come up with a plan to treat this specific problem rather than using a blanket pesticide. For instance, if you have ants, remember that not all ants are attracted to the same types of poisons. By trying to get rid of the ants yourself, you may end up using a product that won’t have any effect at all on the type of ants that are on your...

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Why It Makes Sense To Hire A Professional Cleaning Company For Home And Office

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If you think that hiring a professional cleaning company for your home is an unnecessary luxury or that you can simply have employees keep the office clean, you may want to think again. There are some very good reasons why you want to invest in a professional cleaning service for both home and office, and it may even save you money over time. 1. Professional cleaning protects your items A professional cleaner will know how to properly care for all the surfaces of your home and office so that they’re protected as they’re cleaned. As an example, using a damp mop on a wood floor can actually dry it out and cause watermarks to form. Using glass cleaner on laminate countertops can also cause them to dry out. A professional cleaning company will know the right products to use so that each surface is not only protected, but cleaned thoroughly and properly. 2. A professional company will have insurance against damage If you or one of your employees should damage or break something while cleaning, you would be liable for replacing it. If a cleaning company breaks something, they will have an insurance policy against which you can make a claim. This can make it more cost-effective to hire a professional company than to handle your cleaning on your own. 3. Professional cleaning can extend the life of your carpeting and other surfaces A thorough cleaning of your carpeting, tiles and even your windows can actually extend their life. Carpet fibres hold dirt, dust, pet hair and dander, human hair, shed skin cells and other pollutants that cause them to become matted and worn. Dirt and pollutants building up on your windows can cause them to eventually become etched. A regular professional cleaning with heavy-duty equipment and the right cleansers can not only make them look better but also make them last longer, so you’ll need to replace them less often. 4. A professional company can provide a variety of services If you have a professional company clean your home or office, you may want to have them do more than just general cleaning on occasion. At home, you may need the inside of your oven cleaned or may want baseboards washed. In the office you may want to have tile floors scrubbed or the glass of your front entryway cleaned. Usually a professional company can provide these additional services so it’s easier for you than finding an outside company, since you’ll have one that is already familiar with your home or office. For more information, contact a company like Southern Cross Cleaning (SA) Pty...

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Evaluate The Different Storage Options Available For Your Car

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Putting your car away in storage is a wise choice if you’re not going to be around for some time. Often, the most common reason for this is when travelling abroad or interstate, either for a few weeks or even months. You can also put your boat or secondary car in storage if you rarely use it, just to free up space at home. Whatever the reason, you will have several storage options to weigh in. Check them out below with their pros and cons. Self-storage and container storage  Self storage and containers are safe and offer the most privacy when storing your car. You have the keys to your storage unit so no one except you has access to your car. You can also access your car at any time you wish without having to make any notifications. With container storage, your car is always transport-ready and there’s less tampering when in transit as it always remains inside the container. However, the same privacy also has its effects. Since no one else can access your car, monitoring is minimal and should your car develop problems, no one will notice or fix them until you get back. Outdoor storage yards Outdoor yards are common for mass storage solutions. Their main advantage is that space is not a problem so you can store as many cars as you want without lacking space. You can also store vehicles, campers and boats of any size. However, outdoor storage solutions have their equal share of challenges. The most obvious one is that your car is exposed to the elements. This includes rain, dust and debris, sand, bird droppings and rodents. In addition to this, open yards do not carry out vehicle maintenance. Your vehicle can therefore get damaged easily and cost you a lot of money in repairs once you retrieve it. Indoor housing storage Indoor storage facilities, such as Undercover Storage Solutions, are usually constructed with vehicle storage in mind. They can store vehicles of different sizes including boats, RVs and some even store trucks too. Indoor storage offers your car security and shelter from the weather as the space is enclosed on all sides. Chances of vehicle damage are therefore minimal. In addition to that, indoor storage facilities offer maintenance services. Most of them will regularly check your car for damage and start the engine to keep the battery charged. They also prep your car before your arrival so that you collect your car in pristine condition. The only downside may be the higher storage cost which is quite fair considering the service rendered. Going away for a holiday or on business? Find a storage solution that best meets your needs and leave your car in safe...

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3 Tips for Making Money With Commercial Real Estate

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Buying and selling commercial real estate (like PRDnationwide) is not the same as making money with residential real estate, although the two industries do have some things in common. If you’re interested in making money in the commercial real estate field, consider some important tips. 1. Use a birddog This refers to a person who physically finds commercial real estate properties for you. Many investors and those who want to make money in the industry rely on the internet and classified ads alone, but it’s easy to overlook good properties this way. Owners and real estate agents may not list their property on the same sites you scour and agents especially don’t always list all their properties, since they may need to pay to advertise each listing. A birddog will go out and physically search for properties that might interest you and go through an initial check of them, in exchange for a finder’s fee. 2. Understand commercial real estate metrics Metrics refers to the numbers used to calculate a profit on a real estate transaction, and this is different in the commercial market than it is the residential market. The cap rate refers to the value of income-producing properties, for example, apartment complexes and strip malls, versus properties that are simply sold off like a warehouse. The net operating income or NOI refers to the first year’s gross expenses subtracted from its income. You obviously want a positive NOI, and you’ll often see that number used in advertising commercial real estate. Understand these basic metrics so you can make a profitable purchasing decision. 3. Know the cash you’ll need for a deal Because commercial properties may be considered riskier investments than residential homes, lenders often want to see a larger down payment before they will offer you a loan. Some require 30% or more for a commercial property. For income-producing properties, you may also need to consider upgrades that will need to be made before you can bring in tenants. This may mean bringing the wiring and plumbing up to code, building out or adding walls to office areas, putting up new signage, and even repaving an old parking lot. You’ll be competing for tenants with new construction so you’ll need to make an income-producing property as appealing as possible, just like trying to sell a home. You’ll want to ensure you understand all the costs involved in a commercial real estate deal and how much you’ll actually need to invest before they start producing an...

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The Benefits Of Using A Local Window Cleaning Service For Your Business

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When considering a window cleaning service for your retail premises, shop, offices or restaurant, local is definitely best.  Here are the benefits of choosing a local company to keep your business’ windows sparkling, rather than a national one. Lower travel costs Local window cleaners have much shorter distances to travel to work and because they are already working for other local businesses, they will have minimal travel time between jobs too.  This means that they’re able to offer a very competitively priced service.  National firms often use operatives from outside the area and the extra travel time and fuel costs are ultimately reflected in their charges, so your bill will be much higher.  If you want to save money, use a local firm! Reputation checks If you use a local company, you’ll find it much easier to check out their reputation.  With national firms you often have to rely on what you can find out about them online, and these reviews are not always reliable.  A local window cleaning company is much easier to check out for reliability and quality of work – all you have to do is pay a quick visit to one or two neighbouring businesses who use them.  Word of mouth is worth much more than an anonymous online review. Prompt response to issues No matter how good your tradesmen are, there may be an occasional issue or problem; something could have been missed or you might need an emergency clean, for example.  A local window cleaning firm will be much better placed for a quick call-out to help you than a national company who may have scheduling issues.  An emergency call-out is likely to be far less expensive with a local firm that’s just a mile away, rather than a national company who have further to travel and will charge you much more. Close client relationships For your security and peace of mind, it’s important that you know exactly who is working on your property while you’re not there.  A local window cleaning firm will usually send the same operative to your premises every week, whereas a national company will often dispatch a different person each time.  Your regular window cleaner will quickly get to know your ‘job’ and how you like things done, so you can rest assured that the work will be carried out just the way you want it. If you want to chat to someone about aspects of their work, it’s far easier to pick up the phone and talk to an established contact at your local window cleaning company than it is to spend ages fighting your way through a national switchboard where you could potentially end up speaking to a different person every time you call. Reduced environmental impact Using a local window cleaning company will go a little way towards reducing your carbon footprint.  As the firm is based just around the corner, the driving they have to do is negligible and this means lower harmful emissions which is much better for the health of the planet.  National firms use much more fuel as they have much greater distances to travel, so their environmental impact is far greater. In conclusion As you can see, there are many benefits to using a local window cleaning company over a...

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Packing Guidelines for Self-Storage

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Packing your goods for self-storage is challenging. It is important to prepare for the activity before finding the ideal facility to cater for your needs. While some companies will offer packing services, this will come at an extra price and you may have a hard time locating specific items when visiting your unit. Before purchasing the supplies and choosing the perfect sized storage, make an accurate inventory of everything to make the packing process easier. Boxing Tips The strength of boxes will degrade with time so you should purchase high quality product with advanced sturdiness. Consider choosing boxes that are identical in size because they will be easier to organize optimally within the storage space. Use the boxes to package all the items that can fit; leaving anything without cover will expose them to dust, dirt and degradation. For the breakable items, use soft fabrics to fill the spaces between and for cushioning. Heavy items such as books should not be filled in large cartons because the risk of box breakage is high. You will also not be able to transport them to the vehicle and then to the storage unit. Use smaller boxes or mix light items with heavy ones to attain balance. Do not forget to be explicit when labeling the boxes to make access easier. Furniture Storage Protecting furniture in self-storage unit is important because the potential damage would be permanent. Purchase good covers for your upholstered pieces to safeguard them from the dust and from each other if they are stacked. Use furniture spray to advance the level of protection on your wooden furniture and treat the leather ones with conditioner to prevent damage. If there are those with prominent metallic parts, you can use a little oil to limit the risk of rusting. Where applicable, dismantle the furniture before covering. By doing this, the economy of space will be greatly improved and it will save you the expense of renting a bigger than necessary unit. Electrical Appliances It is important to prepare your appliances before you pack them for the move. Ensure that the fridge and freezer are defrosted and that the washing machine is drained. You can also use sodium bicarbonate to further dry the inner compartments of these appliances. When you are loading the items into the vehicle for storage, tie or lock the doors for safety purposes. Equipment like TVs or computers should be packaged in original boxes. Ensure that these items are sufficiently buffered against impact to minimize damage. For more information, check out companies such as Ultimate Storage...

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Want to Become a Protective Services Officer? 4 Preparatory Aspects to Know Before Training

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Protective services officers play a major role in the national security structure. It is a fulfilling career path and the rewards go beyond financial stability. If you are considering joining the live-in training course, there are requirements that you must meet including obvious ones such as citizenship, Australian permanent residency or the Special Category Visa as well as the lower age limit. There are also other important aspects to consider and prepare for before submitting your training application. Background Checks Extensive background checks are carried out on all applicants during selection. Once you apply, your history will be assessed to ascertain that you will make a fit security officer. If you have a questionable past with regard to the law, it is vital to declare this information through the Voluntary Disclosure Form before submitting the application. The offences could be prior convictions, good behavior bonds, cautions and even excessive speeding. The declaration must also include juvenile offences and by submitting the disclosure form early, you can find out whether you are still a viable candidate for Protection Services Training. Physical Fitness A healthy and fit body is essential to attaining success in a protection and security career. The physical requirements must demonstrate a healthy cardio as well as general body strength. As part of the recruitment process, the applicants for the training will be required to take a fitness test to ascertain that they can meet the demands of the job. There will also be periodic evaluations after you have gained the desired employment. It is therefore essential for you to create a timetable for sufficient exercise to ensure that you will meet the required fitness level during selection. Eloquence Communication is a crucial skill for a protective service officer. It is included in the competency evaluation to ensure that recruits are capable of communicating clearly, effectively and negotiate confidently where necessary. The exercises involve conversing over a radio with predetermined scripts and general impromptu exchanges. The assessment leads to the disqualification of those deemed to not yet be competent in verbal communications, in relation to operational suitability for safety. If you experience challenges with this issue, expose yourself to communication situations in various contexts to improve your skills. First Aid Certification It is mandatory for each applicant to have a valid First Aid certificate. This must be renewed periodically such that the officers can be of assistance in relevant situations. You should therefore make certain that you have attained a Level 1 Certificate with CPR before the training begins. If you’re interested in beginning the training process, consult with resources such as Backup Security Services to ensure that you are fit for the position and are able to show it through the application...

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Situations In Which You Might Need A Commercial Locksmith

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If you own a business, you probably only think of a commercial locksmith when you lose your keys and need a new set made, or when something goes wrong with the locks of your doors. But the truth is that a commercial locksmith can provide you with more services than just making new keys. So to help you understand what they can do, here are some situations in which these professionals offer great value. If You Need A Safe Installed then a commercial locksmith can handle any issue related to that safe. A number of companies need safes installed at their work site because they deal with valuables, money or other types of items that require safekeeping. If you’re in that kind of business, then you can call a commercial locksmith to install your safe. Commercial locksmiths offer several safe options, including biometric safes that require fingerprint identification before they open, combination safes in which you have to input a combination to access the safe and digital code safes that require you to enter a changeable code for entry. If You Want To Install An Access Entry System then a commercial locksmith can set you up with that type of entry security. Access entry panels are typically configured to allow you to enter with a magnetic card that you have to slide through a reader or run under a scanner. This makes your workplace or office more secure and limits the people who can come into your business. Commercial locksmiths will install and program the codes for this type of system, and they can also provide regular maintenance and repair if the system malfunctions. If you have underground garage parking, a commercial locksmith can install the access control system on that as well. If You Want A Security Camera System then a commercial locksmith can set up your entire surveillance system, which may include wired or wireless cameras and monitors. Security cameras are ideal in businesses in which liability is a big issue such as a law firm, and in financial institutions such as a bank or brokerage firm. Security cameras are also an effective deterrent against crime or night-time intrusion, and they provide you with a method of evaluating your own employees as they interact with customers on a daily basis. Commercial locksmiths can install both delayed or live-feed systems, depending on your needs. Live feed systems let you rewind during live recording, whereas with a delayed system, you have to wait until the recording ends before you can rewind it to look for a specific image. For more information on the different locks available, contact a 24 hour locksmith such as Amalgamated...

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How To Keep Your Family Safe From March Flies

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The march fly is an annoying pest that you’ll find across Australia. Indeed, Australians must put up with more than 200 species of this common insect, and if a march fly has ever bitten you, you’ll want to know how to make sure it doesn’t happen again. March flies are a nuisance for animals, humans and livestock, so it’s important to understand what you can do to avoid these common pests. Learn more about the problems march flies cause and find out how you can keep your family safe from these unpleasant insects. Where you’ll find march flies March flies occur throughout Australia, and you can encounter these creatures in several habitats. March flies like to breed in damp soil, rotting vegetation and rot holes in trees, where the larvae feed on organic waste material. Adult march flies are generally active during the day, particularly when the weather is calm and sunny. The adult flies survive throughout the year in more tropical parts of Australia. These insects can take months or even years to develop as larvae. When the adults emerge, the females immediately leave the area to feed. Adult march flies range from 6 to 25 millimetres in length, and the insects have distinctively large eyes. Health risks from march flies Some march fly species feed on blood, and a short, sharp bite from one of these insects is often very painful. Chemicals in the insect’s saliva can get into the skin and cause irritation. These bugs are also very persistent when trying to feed, and it’s often difficult to make them go away. March flies don’t normally transmit diseases, but a species in Western Australia (Mesomymia tryphera) can cause serious symptoms, including hives, fever and wheezing. If a march fly bites you, it’s generally best to apply an ice pack or antihistamine cream to ease the pain. Make sure that children (or pets) don’t scratch the bites, as this can lead to an infection. If you experience an allergic reaction, seek medical attention promptly. Stopping flies biting you You can lower the risk of a march fly bite by taking preventive measures. These measures include the following: Avoid wearing dark colours. March flies are less likely to approach you when you wear light colours. Apply insect repellent when you are outdoors. Look for repellents with diethyltoluamide (DEET) or picaridin. Repellent gels or lotions are normally more effective than sprays. Protect babies and young children with protective clothing or insect screens. Only use child-strength insect repellents. You can’t generally control march flies with large-scale pesticides. The insects can travel long distances and normally breed over a large area. As such, it’s almost impossible to stop the insects coming near your home. Other preventive measures Insect screens can stop march flies getting in your home through doors and windows. Fly traps can also catch a lot of these unwanted insects. The WA government recommends dark coloured boards coated in sticky adhesive, but you can also contact a pest control professional for more advice. If you take your family camping, make sure you screen all tents and caravans. Check camp sites before you settle down for the night, and avoid places where you can see lots of flies....

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